4 Ways to Boost your Well-Being

in your daily (office)life

We all have an idea how to be healthy and improve our well-being: Eating veggies, drinking detoxing juices, doing yoga, working out and getting enough sleep. But there is more…

Including the following actions into our day-to-day (office) lives can be a great boost for our well-being.


Connect with the people around you, with your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues. Maintain our OFFLINE human connections, so not via chat and social media, matter and improve our health sustainably, they can even strengthen our immune system. The enrichment of having face-to-face contacts and of sharing experiences make us happy as we laugh together and feel that we are part of a group.


Play an OFFLINE game, dance, sing, improvise, experience rhythms and sounds and feel alive. Laughing, moving and playing helps maintain a healthy brain


Keep learning and trying something new. Jump in at the deep end and try something out of your comfort zone once in a while. Surprise yourself and use your imagination.

We all have a natural desire to learn and develop and learning something new can help us build more confidence. Be proud of yourself!


Practice to „be in the moment“ without your phone, focus deeply on the present and concentrate on just one thing/activity. The experience of being „absorbed“ in doing a challenging activity, getting into the flow is called „meditation in activity“. You lose the sense of time and actually practice a great sense of mindfulness.

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