Competition and Creativity

In todays high-powered competitive environments, the fight-or-flight response is often essential to success. But remaining in this mode for a long period of time is not healthy and diminishes our creative though process. Chronic workplace stress zaps our energy and blocks our creative flow. It is therefore no surprise that many of the most innovative companies of our time allocate spaces and time for creative thought.

We need to step away and let our thoughts flow freely. The enemy of creativity is stress as when we are stressed our brain allocates its resources to survival. Many companies are now realising the benefits of in-house wellness and health programs and know the importance of having a healthy and happy workplace.

The idea behind bringing brain breaks to companies is to give people a chance to get away from the computer, have fun and connect with colleagues while not having to leave the workplace and therefore saving time.

You might think people can take a break when they like and step away from the computer. Of course, they can! People are not chained to their desks all day and free to move around the office. But many people when doing so remain in work mode and ‘forget’ to switch their brain off for a few moments.

Also, an ever-increasing number of people are just too busy to take a break and even eat lunch at their desks. When brain breaks are bought into the workplace by the HR department or relevant department people are ‘forced’ to take a real break. It is also easier to let work go for a few moments when everyone else is doing the same. For a time, we step out of competition mode, give our brain a chance to recharge and return to work with more amazing ideas.

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