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„Van Werkdruk naar Werkgeluk“!

We are looking back on a super inspirational event „Van Werkdruk naar Werkgeluk“!

The day was full of positive energy, valuable insights, engaging discussions and food for thought. Thanks to our partners,,, and

In the morning Tony Crabbe shared with us his thoughts about busyness and about new ways of dealing with the overwhelming amount of information and activities in our daily lifes.

A little wrap up of his insights and our take-aways:

We often end up caught in the catch of consumption and busyness is a natural response of our daily world dominated by emails, whatsapps, chats, calls etc. It seems like a non stop input of daily information.

Busy has become a competitive act, almost a trend and we associate it with success. We assume that success equals doing more and we might feel guilty to take a break.

But, what does it do to our brain if we are constantly busy with our devices and information?

We are less alone with our brain. When was the last time you didn’t take out the phone while waiting for the bus or in line? We tend to always fill our time and our brain with external input. Being alone with our brain might be scary and might feel a waste of time, but in order to remain focused and keep up the productivity, you need breaks and it is ok to take your mind off. Busy is the easy option, but honestly we think less if we are always busy. Letting your mind wander and „being bored“ is a great gift, it sparks creativity, imagination and innovation.

Busy means being always ‘on’ and glancing regularly at our phones. Think about your mind as a computer screen with several open files/tabs. Every time we glance on the phone we open a new file and often we end up having too many tabs open in our head. Try to close the different chapters one after the other and focus on things one at a time. Does it help you to glance on your phone during meetings or does the email which just came in, but can’t be handled now anyway, just open a new tab which distracts? Do we need to open new chapters before sleeping through glancing on the phone before going to bed?

The afternoon was full of interactive Brain Breaks and inspiring workshops about creating new habits at work, choices based on your values, creativity boosts and how to get moving and create a vital workforce.

A truly inspiring day!

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