Why Brain Breaks are beneficial

These days we are living faster and busier lives than ever before. With the hustle and bustle of our busy lives we spend our days rushing from a to b attached to our mobile devices and tend to focus very little attention on what is going on around us. This is especially true for busy city dwellers and stress rates tend to be higher in urban centres than they are in the countryside.

Taking some moments each day to switch off the chatter in your head, be present in the moment, relax, smile and connect with those around you can be beneficial for everyone.

Easier said than done! Too much to do, too little time! We know than taking moments to be mindful and mediate is most important when we are stressed and busy but hey, we just don’t have time for it. There are surveys galore finding workplace stress and anxiety is on the rise and needs to be addressed. Just look around, do we really need to read another survey to know that people are stressed?

Our brain breaks are designed to give employees a digital-detox break so everyone can return to work refreshed. Burn out, stress, information overload and too much to do are some of the negative aspects of our digital age. We sometimes forget to take a moment to breathe, lift our head up from our screen and notice what is going on around us.

Having some light hearted, playful moments with your colleagues connects and strengthens the team in a way that no digital device can. Our breaks are not followed by a questionnaire, online survey or assessed in anyway. The idea is to take a break from assessing how relaxed/fit/better you are and just enjoy the moment! Give your head some space and just be 😊

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